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Tips to set up a productive home office

Is your home office productive? Are you set up to be efficient while working from home?

Over the past year, the amount of people working from home has increased significantly, with almost 42% of the American workforce working remotely at the end of 2020. Data shows that employees working remotely have reported feeling more productive when working remotely. If you do fall within that category you might find it can take some time to adjust to this new work environment and feel productive. Setting up your remote office to be productive can help you get adjusted better.

Here are some tips on creating a functioning home/remote office:

1. Designate a work space/room:

It is important to designate a specific room as your workspace. It can help keep distractions away when you’re in there versus setting up in different areas of your home. It can also help you keep more organized by having a room where all your work files and equipment are kept.

2. Make sure you’re set up with high-speed internet:

Having reliable internet when working remotely is probably the number 1 thing you should make sure you have. Almost all of your equipment will depend on the internet from your computer, to video calls, to your phone etc.

3. Set up 2 computer monitors (if possible):

If your work requires a lot of reports and research, getting 2 monitors might facilitate your work day. It makes it easier to compare data or research and can help go through it faster.

4. Invest in a hands-free headset:

Getting a hands-free headset could facilitate long conference calls and help you multitask.

5. Set up a video studio:

Working remotely will probably mean more video conferences as well. Be prepared and look more professional by designating a wall or area in your office for these video calls. Get a nice clean background set up, make sure you have adequate lighting and a properly working microphone.

6. Look into a getting comfy chair:

Invest in a nice comfy chair to make those long work hours more pleasant and easy on your body.

7. Have a white-noise machine/app on hand:

Getting a white-noise maker is a good idea if you have other people living with you or noisy pets that might distract you throughout the day.

8. Take care of those wires:

More equipment means more pesky wires in your space. Keeping them contained and organized with zip ties or clamps can keep you from tripping on them or get overwhelmed with them.

9. Finally make it yours:

Make your space enjoyable by adding some personal touches and homey decor. Afterall you will spend a lot of time there.

Most of these tips do not require much adjustments to your home or redesigning. You might find you might need more outlets or better lighting in the specified workspace. It might be a good idea to have your electric panel checked as well to make sure your home can handle the extra wattage usage from the new equipment.

To make sure all of the new changes are done correctly call a professional electrician, like Silver Electric, to help get your remote office on the right track.

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