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Outdoor Security Lighting Tips

Does your outdoor lighting provide security?

Recent studies show that homes with well lit outdoors areas are more likely to deter trespassers.

When talking about outdoor lighting, most of us probably think about the architectural factors it brings to our homes.

We think about landscape lighting and ambiance lighting. But outdoor lighting is also important to add security to your home.

Much like a fence, outdoor cameras or an alarm system, lighting can also add security.

If your home is strategically well lit it could cause an intruder to not even consider your home as a target.

Wall Sconces/Overhead Light Fixtures

These types of lights make great accents to your home and can provide peace of mind as well when they light up entrances and walkways. A great place for these is at the sides of garage doors, in the front door area and any back or side doors.

To avoid tampering of lights, place them at a height where they are not easily reached.

Flood Lights & Motion Sensors

These types of lights provide a larger illumination of light to dark areas on your property, driveway or corners of your home.

They can be adjusted to light up the precise areas you need with their adjustable heads.

Many floodlights also come with an option for added motion detection.

Landscape Lights

These can not only make your garden look beautiful at night, but can also help illuminate frequent pathways.

The low-level lighting they provide is perfect for illuminating stairs and patios in your garden.

If you want to deter possible trespassers with your outdoor lighting you need to incorporate strategic lighting to your home.

According to the Illuminating Engineering Society, effective outdoor security lighting should do the following:

  • Be able to provide good visual of the area

  • Provide visible facial recognition at a distance of 30 feet

  • Make it easier to perform tasks such as finding your keys, retrieving the mail, or walking the dog

  • Help people avoid criminal threats and/or defend themselves when threatened

  • And help you feel safer spending time outdoors

Your outdoor lighting does not have to be aggressive or startling to be effective.

Use it to compliment your home and help make it look beautiful too.

If you’re ready to incorporate good lighting to your home give us a call today!

Call us at: 706-654-1080

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